Friday, November 12, 2010

Woot T-Shirt Contest: Steamhands

My boyfriend is so freaking talented that I can't help gushing about him.  Look at this:  his latest collaborative entry for the weekly shirt.woot T-shirt contest.  The theme is robots, and this is the coolest entry out of all of them, bar none.

It's called "Steamhands", and the robot hands are repairing each other; it's beautiful, clever, and I made him center the hands so that they would be slightly above the bustline, for girls.  (Men do not ever think of these things, which surprises me, because many of them seem to like breasts a little.)

The Woot voting system is that you can vote for as many shirts as you want to, but just once, and you can only vote if you have bought something from Woot before.  It's how they stop people from spamming the votes.  The shirts are only $10, which is a great deal for a gorgeous T-shirt (hey, my university shirts have run up to $25), and you'd be helping support a really talented young man who needs to be inspired to make more of these.

In case you're curious, Release! is his last design, which I've also written about here, and...yeah, wow.  I want to wear all of his shirts.  It will get printed if it's in the top three!

So what are you waiting for?  Go and vote!  Vote like the wind!