Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woot T-Shirt Contest: Release!

I'm going to shamelessly plug my boyfriend's design for the Shirt Woot T-shirt derby, because it's gorgeous and I want it to win so that I can buy it and wear it everywhere!

The theme is autumn, and along with other stipulations designs may not include coded messages to the criminally insane...  ;)

Didn't he do an amazing job?  I love the disintegration effect, it's gorgeous enough so that I'd be interested but cool enough so that a guy would like being seen in it, the limited color palette is dramatic and striking...and you've got to keep in mind that he had never drawn in his life before January 2010.  And he's this awesome.

Doesn't that warrant your vote?

Voting is pretty simple:  you have to have bought something from Woot before, and then you can give your vote to as many entries as you like, although only once per entry. Woot's shirts are just $10, and we have a pretty good collection of some awesome designs.  They hold up well in the wash, too--I accidentally washed the boyfriend's favorite black on white shirt with some red sheets, and although the red came out when I boiled it with dye remover, the black design stayed on.  They're pretty darn good quality, and will last you for awhile.  They're also really nice gifts, because they're so unique.

Release! by astryfan
So come on!  How can you not give this gorgeous design the chance to be printed?