Thursday, May 27, 2010

To-Die-For Dinnerware!

I found these by a circuitous route:  watching Everyday Italian, searching for Giada's ($100!) salt cellar, and accidentally finding recommendations for CB2.  I nearly died of happiness.

First of all, I'm a graduate student, so money is tight.  (Seriously.  Our wages are so low that we are eligible for food stamps even though we are teaching college students.)  This website has plates that cost as little as $2.  And they're beautifully simple:  they follow a more modern, almost Japanese style of simplicity and clean lines above everything, in order to better showcase the food.  Lemongrass Thai Bistro in Macon, Georgia uses these, and although the very large ones are a bit heavy, they're hard to break but look as though they broke the bank.

Look at these!  Matching.  White.  Elegant.  Modern.  The food automatically looks gourmet.  They photograph beautifully.   They make the food pop without any effort whatsoever.

Check out the gorgeous contrast of the green and white, the stacked triangular rounded serving plates, the perfectly sized little square plates just right for soy sauce, and the softly contrasting rounded serving bowls.  Look below, at the way the curves on the fruit and cheese course accentuate the angles of the other plates and bring out the swells of the pears and the grapes. See how unnecessary anything but simplicity is?  To be frank, these photos are more cluttered than they need to be to be beautiful.  Naturally, I understand they had to showcase as many products as possible, though.

Just look at the wine glasses.  Unadorned, they don't take away from the beauty of the wine but glint seductively in the white light like sunlight ricocheting off of icicles.  And further below, the perfect combination for a summer party, especially for us girls:  colorful, elegant, and so much fun!  The blue is utterly gorgeous, tropical, and perfect for a Mediterranean Greek theme.  They make me want to dress up in a sexy white blouse and throw on my turquoise and gold jewelry.  They make me want to laugh and plan parties and have friends over to enjoy the beauty of summer, food, and a swimming pool.  They also make me want to recreate amazing Thai food.  Seriously.  I found an Asian market (with very unfriendly staff) that sold Thai basil, Thai chili peppers, and cheap bunches of cilantro, and this is going to be fun.

Just imagine!  Barely any piece is over $9.95.  The little appetizer spoon plates are $0.95.  The  white square 6.5" dessert plate is $1.95.  A small square bowl is $2.95.  What are you waiting for?